Globe Telecom’s Traveler SIM gives connectivity to Philippine tourists and OFWs

Traveling tourists to the Philippines and returning Overseas Foreign Workers (OFWs) will be able to get affordable connectivity while in the country after Globe Telecom, through its International Business Group, renews its partnership with the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) with its Visit the Philippines Again (VPA) 2016 campaign.

Globe SVP for International Business, Nikki Acosta (L) and Tourism Promotions Board COO, Domingo Ramon Enerio III (R), after the signing of the partnership between Globe and PTB for Visit the Philippines Again 2016 campaign.

The overwhelming success of the first Visit the Philippines campaign, using the Globe Traveler SIM encouraged TPB to launch Visit the Philippines Again 2016. Based on the SIM’s usage from August to November 2015, 90% of the SIM users came to the Philippines for vacation and the top 3 countries where they came from were Korea, China, and Singapore. TPB Chief Operating Officer, Domingo Ramon Enerio III, said that their goal of 5 million visitors in 2015 was breached (they reached 5.36M visitors) making this a first for the Philippines. In addition, the statistics showed that 97% of the Traveler SIM’s users used data while 85% used them for local calls.

Apl.De.Ap says it best in this video:

With its Globe partnership, millions of tourists and returning OFWs can avail of a FREE Globe Traveler SIM for travels in 2016 that once again offers them affordable local rates for data, calls and SMS services.

On a Globe Traveler SIM, users can receive calls and texts from abroad for free. They can also subscribe to TravelSurf which allows them to surf the internet on mobile for US$11 for 7 days or US$23 for 30 days. They can also use the SIM to call abroad for US$0.40 a minute.

Watch this video about the Globe Traveler SIM:

And here’s how to get the Globe Traveler SIM.

Aside from supporting the Visit the Philippines Again 2016 campaign with its Traveler SIM, Globe will be launching Relive Wonderful Philippines in parallel. Relive Wonderful Philippines is a video contest where both international visitors and OFWs can showcase their videos and saying why they would want to come back to the Philippines (and I think they will make this available to first-time visitors as well!). The winner of the best video gets a ticket back to the Philippines with a companion, complete with hotel accommodation and allowance from Globe. I will update this blog post once the mechanics are up on Globe’s website.

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