Globe now offers PhP 1 per minute all-network calls for its postpaid, prepaid and TM subscribers

Globe has announced that it is now offering PhP 1/minute all-network calls as a result of lowered interconnect access charges across telcos. Prior to this offer, Globe calls to other networks, mobile or landline, cost PhP 7.50 to other networks, PhP 6.50 to Globe/TM numbers. TM calls to other networks cost PhP 6.50/minute while TM calls to Globe/TM numbers cost PhP 5.50.

Noting that over 90% of its prepaid customers avail of promos when accessing mobile services, Globe says that its very affordable all-net call promos is its response to growing calls for lower call costs.

The PhP 1/minute calls are available to certain postpaid subscribers, all its prepaid subscribers, as well as TM subscribers.

Who can avail of the PhP 1/minute promo

Postpaid: Those with Plan 2499 and up can avail of a PhP 299 tack-on to get 300 minute all-network calls.

Prepaid: Subscribers can use the GoCall50 promo to get 50 minutes of all-network calls, good for 3 days.

TM: TM subscribers can add PhP 5 to any existing call and text promo for 5 minutes of all-network calls, good for 1 day.

This should be good news for many who need to call a lot. I am hoping that call costs continue to drop in the coming years. After all, the continuing spread of free wifi allow calls over instant messaging apps as well.

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