Introducing Tita Talk: Simple tech talk for titas (and titos)

Hello, my fellow titas (okay, titos also)!

I am so happy to find you here!

First of all, welcome to Tita Techie.

All my blog posts from September 2016 down to the oldest post came from my old blog, Apps and Gadgets. Tech has always been in my blood. My corporate work before was as an information technology (IT) auditor and IT consultant, mainly in the financial industry. Being a geek, I find that covering tech events are fun, interesting and educational. Every event brings new knowledge that I could share with my readers. On a personal note, it is my own way of keeping up with evolving technology. 

My children, nephews and nieces, and even my grandchildren from cousins, are very comfortable using these devices. They take to it like ducks take to water. They are the digital NATIVES. On the other hand, titas and titos like us come from an offline generation. Think about how we can learn and adapt in order to better relate with this digital generation. I still am a digital immigrAUNT (a pun on ‘immigrant’) despite being a geek.

While transferring from that old blog to this one, I was wishing that it would become more than just a blog about tech. I wanted it to have more purpose and greater meaning.

After some thought, it dawned on me that many my age are NOT comfortable with tech. Many titos and titas are missing out on digital technology that could make their lives so much more meaningful. If I could  simplify all these intimidating concepts and technology and make it understood to the ordinary person, maybe more people in my age group (and older) would not hesitate to adopt technology. What an AHA moment!

I am creating Tita Talk — a special tab on my blog that will contain stuff that titos and titas like you may want to read. It will be a continuing work in progress as I tweak its contents and direction. Hopefully it can become a community where titos and titas, lolos and lolas alike can exchange knowledge, how to’s and stories about our use of digital technology in day-to-day life. There is no age limit to adapting to new technology. I am still learning and so can you.

Tita Talk will contain posts which will be lighter and simpler. It will be more story-like, rather than technical, and focus on how digital tech and our lives can become better. It would be fun to connect here initially with the parents of my friends, their titas/titos, and other people who are looking for a community of not-so-techie or non-techie people.

With this in mind, I am hoping that the different brands and tech organizations I have come to meet in media events can help me develop this section just for you.

Lastly, here is an image I found on the web that shows how things familiar to us in our generation were digitized as apps. It just means that the concepts of communication have not changed. Only the form did.


Keep visiting Tita Techie and feel free to check out even my other tech categories. Who knows? You may assimilate even more tech than you realize!

Tita Jane

Tita forever, geek forever!!! Loves gadgets more than clothes... First introduced to IT via punched cards and COBOL programming... IT auditor for over 5 years... IT consultant covering the financial industry for over 7 years... Now, a blogger and social media practitioner...and still covering the IT world, among other interests. And proud that all my kids are geeky as well. ~ Tita Jane Uymatiao

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