Gadgets from PLDT Home that give Moms peace of mind

My kids are all grown up now but I can relate to Moms who always worry about the safety of their kids. Once upon a time, I was like them too and I fussed and got paranoid. I did what I could back then to secure them. But technology is making it so much easier these days and PLDT and Smart combined forces to give Moms precisely that level of peace of mind they need (and I wish I had when my kids were still small).

Regine Velasquez-Alcasid was not only a celebrity the day we met her at the PLDT-Smart. First and foremost, she was doting Mom to four year-old Nate.


In her home, Regine and Ogie have two PLDT Home products which she enthusiastically described to us.

The Fam Cam

The Advanced Fam Cam (left), Telpad (center), and Basic Fam Cam (right)
The Advanced Fam Cam (left), Telpad (center), and Basic Fam Cam (right)
Whichever Fam Cam variant you get, you will be getting a home monitoring system which will allow parents to monitor and check their children and home remotely and even communicate with them (for advanced Fam Cam version). For working parents who need to leave their kids in the care of yayas (nannies), this is a great tool to have at home. Both Fam Cam versions have a built-in microphone so you don’t just see what’s happening; you can hear also the goings-on.

The Smart Watch

Nate proudly showed off the Smart Watch on his wrist. This is the latest gadget that pairs perfectly with a PLDT Telpad plan. For just P199/month on top of one’s Telpad plan, your kid can have his very own Smart Watch. It is a multifunctional gadget which kids can use not just to tell time but to take photos, play music, and even communicate with their parents.


The Smart Watch up close
The Smart Watch up close
The Smart Watch pairs best with the PLDT Telpad but it can also be paired with an app on a smartphone (download Mediatek SmartDevice app from the Google Play Store)


Here are some of the things Regine shared with us about the Smart Watch.

* She can easily talk to Nate because he can directly answer calls using his watch when it is connected to their Telpad or to a smartphone.

* They use it as a Wifi remote for their Telpad or smartphone camera to take selfies or groupfies

* The anti-lost feature is for forgetful kids (and adults). Can’t find your Smart Watch? Activate a button on the Telpad or smartphone app and the Smart Watch will emit a sound so it can be easily located.

* The Smart Watch also vibrates when the child goes more than 10 meters away from the paired device. Pair it with your smartphone and it will remind your child to go back to Daddy or Mommy when he or she strays too far.

And….it’s not just for kids!

The Smart Watch is great for adults too and I am loving mine! I had downloaded the Mediatek app, paired my phone with the watch, activated the bluetooth, and it would send email notifications to me. I now have my own pedometer which registers the steps I take. It has other features like an alarm, timer, heart rate monitor, chat apps like Line, and various reminders.

PLDT Home subscribers who upgrade to a Telpad plan automatically get a free 1Mbps HOME DSL speed boost and, for an additional PhP 199/month, they can already top up with a Smart Watch. The watch is also available to existing Telpad subscribers. Simply order online and it will be delivered for free. For details, visit

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