Prisma: Turning ordinary photos into painting styles of the masters

Turn an ordinary photo into one that is reminiscent of the painting style of art masters like Picasso. Prisma is a photo filtering app that has gained popularity with users not only because of its many filters that transform a picture into a painting but because of the artificial intelligence built into it that learns as you use the app.

My original photo (left) and how it looks after applying Prisma's Femme photo filter
My original photo (left) and how it looks after applying Prisma’s Femme photo filter
According to an article in Tech Times, “Prisma, developed by Russian programmer Alexey Moiseenkov,¬†utilizes¬†artificial intelligence to transform images into paintings in the style of world renowned artists such as Pablo Picasso, Edvard Munch and Vincent Van Gogh. The app uses a deep learning method named convolutional neural networks, and only refers to the original picture for guidance in the creation of the final image.”
I’ve been playing around with the app for a while now and find it very easy to use. It was launched first on the Apple Store but is also now available on Google Play Store. Just open the app, take a picture or select from your photo gallery, and choose a filter. In the settings, you can set the app to save the original photo, save all artworks automatically to your phone’s gallery, and enable watermarks.

Here are a few more versions of my photo using some of the filters in the Prisma app.


How fun!!!

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