Pokemon Go: When will you be available in the Philippines?

Haha. Yes, I had to start my blog post with that title because it is not just my kids waiting for its official debut in the Philippines. I am, too!


Pokemon Go has launched only in 3 countries so far — the United States, New Zealand, and Australia — but already the Pokemon fever has caught everyone, young and old. In this article, it is predicted that Pokemon Go daily users will soon surpass that of Twitter.

How does Pokemon Go work?

It’s a Pokemon app, created by Niantic, in coordination with Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. It installs on both iOS and Android devices. The ingenuity of this app is that it interacts with reality by using your smartphone’s camera, sensor and GPS plus a map that is similar to your real-world map of streets and pathways.


You will always be at the center of the map and it shows where you can find PokeStops, Gyms and the location of Pokemon. The goal is to catch as many Pokemon as you can with a virtual PokeBall. Thing is, Pokemon are usually found near their own habitat so you can only find Water Pokemon near water, for example.


Go to an open field and you are likely to find Grass-type Pokemon.

I’m calling it this early! Pokemon Go is likely to be the newest fitness craze. Even couch potatoes will now be forced to walk around if they are to play the game properly. Could this be the ultimate gamification of a fitness app?

People will be forced to walk on foot and go places they have not been to in search of Pokemon. You can find Pokemon not just around your neighborhood but anywhere you go, even abroad.

Check this video.

When will it be available in the Philippines? No idea yet. From articles that I have read, overeager gamers were able to download the app’s APK files and modify the location settings to make it work here. This caused the developers to shut down the servers on selected countries including, of course, ours. Haaaay! But the good news is that this is likely temporary and very soon, it will be available here as well. Guys, wait for the official app, okay?

And when it does get here, may I just give some advice? Play it RESPONSIBLY. Don’t play it to the point where you put school and work in jeopardy. Watch your sleeping hours. And most of all, please please do not play it while crossing streets or walking in places where your life can be placed in danger. No playing while driving either! Parents of young kids, your guidance will be needed very much in this area.

It is actually quite difficult when you see tweets with photos of captured Pokemon posted by people who are from the countries where it is already available. But…be patient, Pokemon Trainers! They say delayed gratification makes a stronger person. Isn’t that what Pokemon Trainers should develop after all? Haha…

Oh well…..until the official Pokemon Go comes to the Philippines, this will have to do…

A Pokeball from my kids' Pokemon collection
A Pokeball from my kids’ Pokemon collection


Pikachu (the reverse side of the Pokeball)
Pikachu (the reverse side of the Pokeball)

*All app photos are from the Pokemon Go website


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