myPALRoam: A global hotspot that keeps you connected in over 100 countries

Whenever any family member travels, one of the most important things I want to ensure is that we stay connected. Currently, there are ways to get connected while traveling: look for an internet cafe or public wifi spot in the country where you are in, buy a local sim, or enroll in your telco’s roaming data plan. Each of these have some issues though.


A new service innovation introduced by Philippine Airlines (PAL) is a partnership with SkyRoam, a personal global WiFi hotspot that provides fast, secure, and cost-effective internet connection while on the go.

Called myPALRoam locally, the WiFi device could be rented for PhP 490/day through the PAL Boutique which is located in the PAL Ticket Office lobby at PNB Financial Center in Pasay City. Other rental channels are the NAIA Terminal 2 Departure area and If you register online, the device can even be delivered to you onboard the plane, direct to your seat!
The device may be returned through the PAL Boutique, NAIA Terminal 2 Arrival area, Home Pick-Up and Onboard Return service.


It is so easy to use. As soon as you land, just switch on myPALRoam and you’re connected. That’s because SkyRoam already has internet agreements with the local carriers in each country it has partnerships with. Just look at the current list of countries below (as of this posting).


The beauty of using the myPALRoam device is that it can share WiFi with up to 5 devices. That makes it a lot more affordable if you are traveling with friends or family because then the daily rate can be divided among all of you.

On a single charge, the device can last up to 8 hours usage time and 123 hours on standby. It supports download speeds up to 42 mbps and upload speeds up to 21 mbps.

The table below shows how myPALRoam stacks up against other options that one can take to stay connected.

Source: Skyroam website
Source: Skyroam website

Public wifis are not secure. Data roaming plans are more expensive and may have limited data consumption limits. Local sims can find you queuing up at the airport for a while and sometimes give you “lost in translation” issues in a non-English speaking country.

myPALRoam hits the sweet spot by addressing the shortcomings of other options. It comes with unlimited data*, hassle-free accessibility, secure transmissions and covers over 100 countries. And remember, it’s good for 5 devices!

Travel bloggers at the event, who have already tried the wifi device, personally attest to its reliability. That gives me greater confidence to seriously consider myPALRoam when any of my family travel.

myPAL Roam is the latest addition to PAL’s service innovations, which already include the myPAL PlayermyPAL Wifi and the myPAL Mobile – components of the myPAL eSuite. The airline also recently launched the PAL Boutique, an exhibit store featuring Filipino talent and craftsmanship.

* Subject to 1GB Fair Use Policy

For customer support contact:
Mobile: +63918.964.7626 (ROAM) 
Phone: (+632) 855.7626 (ROAM)


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