The OPPO F1 Plus makes you a Selfie Expert!

This is the age of the selfies and although it is the millennials who are native selfie kids, the adults are catching up. So it is about time that the front-facing, not the rear camera, gets a total facelift. And, it is the OPPO F1 Plus that has made history — a 16 megapixel FRONT camera finally launches in the Philippines! Coming on the heels of the F1 in the camera-centric F series, the F1 Plus is now called the “bigger, better Selfie Expert”.

The event to launch the Oppo F1 Plus brought in Sarah Geronimo, the phone’s brand ambassador. She loves this phone because she says it gets her “the perfect shot on the first snap, anywhere and anytime”.

Oppo F1 Plus’ brand ambassador, Sarah Geronimo

Sarah belts it out and entertains us

Well, let’s take a closer look at this phone’s features.

The Selfie Camera

Oppo is touting this as their Selfie Expert so let’s take a good look at this. What makes a great selfie is a power-packed front camera that gives you clear, natural-looking selfies each time. The Oppo F1 Plus camera comes with a unique sensor technology and a wide f/2.0 aperture lens to allow more light in. It also has the highest front camera resolution on the market. 16 megapixels in a front camera? Come on!

The camera settings feature several that are great for selfies:

Beautify 4.0 – 6 months of testing and 150 revisions finally bring you a feature that highlights your best facial features while minimizing flaws. Hmmmm….can it remove my eye wrinkles?

Selfie Panorama – Take extra-wide, 120-degree pictures. The Oppo F1 Plus does this by combining 3 photos and stitches it together to give that panoramic effect.

Front-facing Screen Flash – You don’t have a flash in most front cameras so this is surely a unique feature.

The Light and Thin Frame

The 5.5-inch AMOLED screen of the Oppo F1 Plus often looks like a smaller 5.2-inch phone. That’s because it has an ultra thin 1.66mm bezel with a display that stretches almost to the very edge of the frame. As I held the Oppo F1 Plus, I also noted that unlike some other mobile phones that had a very slippery grip to it, this one had a non-slippery metal surface that was more comfortable to grip. The Oppo frame apparently went through 68 polishing processes to get that perfect grip.

Fast Charging

Only 30 minutes to charge your phone up to 75%!!! Yes, the VOOC Flash Charge of the Oppo F1 Plus is able to do just that. In fact, a 5-minute charge gives you 2 hours of talk time. That fully charged battery can last up to 14 hours and 5 minutes of constant use. For mobile users like me, a 14-hour battery has HUGE appeal!

Super Quick Touch Access Technology

Many mobile phones are now into phone unlocking with fingerprint recognition. But how many can do it in just 0.2 seconds? The Oppo F1 Plus. I just had to try it for myself.

First, we had to register my fingerprint with the Oppo F1 Plus phone I tested. That required me having to touch the fingerprint sensor several times until my entire fingerprint was registered. Once that was out of the way, here comes the test!!!

Last, but definitely not the least, is the Oppo F1 Plus’ price. Its SRP is just PhP 21,990. That makes it affordable for young professionals and for budget-tight people.

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