How to download a Periscope video if your saved copy is flawed

Why would one even want to download a Periscope video when you can set the app to automatically save the video to the device’s camera roll?

That’s what I thought. Until I made one big mistake!

Our advocacy group had just interviewed Susan Ople who was running for the Senate in the 2016 elections. I had filmed her entire interview, all 2 hours of it, and was getting ready to upload it into our YouTube channel.

When I checked the video, it HAD NO SOUND!!! I checked and checked until I realized that just before my recording, I had MUTED my phone’s sound as I was afraid that notifications coming in would interrupt the recording. Well, it muted my entire 2-hour video!!! Argh!!! What to do?

The Periscope app normally keeps videos for only 24 hours to allow viewers to watch the replay. But they delete it from the app after that. Reason why I sort of panicked. I had only a day to find a solution!

Long story short…..I did find a solution after googling to see recommendations for apps that might do the job. My trial and error path may not be the best and shortest remedy out there but I was able to find a workaround that actually worked! So here, I am sharing the steps with you.

1. Download the Scopedown app (It is available on Google Play as well as on the web:


2. Open Scopedown. You will see this menu.


Since you want to download just ONE video, you will need to put the Periscope video’s URL into the SECOND line (above “Download Video).

3. To get the Periscope video’s URL, open the Periscope app. Go to the broadcast you want to download. Click Share Broadcast-Copy URL. Paste the URL on Scopedown’s second line. Click Download Video. The image below is what Scopedown looked like as I downloaded the video.


4. One last step is needed. The file you download from Periscope is in a Transport Stream (.ts) file format. You still need to convert it to MP4. There are many converters on the web to convert file formats. Use Google Search to find several converters. They should work.

There we are! One way to save a critical video before Periscope erases it.

If you get into the same situation as me, try this solution out and let me know how it works for you. Good luck! As for me, I learned my lesson. Next time I do a Periscope video, I should keep the volume up and simply tweak my phone’s settings to block all notifications and calls.


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