How to protect and extend the life of your Apple charger

Apple chargers have some of the shortest life spans ever in chargers! And….they cost a small fortune if you need to get an original replacement.

Since I cannot imagine settling for one of those generic Apple-looking chargers because they are not usually up to Apple’s standards, I decided to do some YouTube sleuthing to see how I could protect and prolong the life of mine.

Here’s what my iPad charger looks like now and I will soon be working on doing the same with my Macbook Air’s charger.

My ipad charger with its “armor”!!!

Did you guess where I got those springs from? Yes!!! From those ballpens that have already run out of ink and which we automatically throw away. So don’t throw them just yet!

Here’s what you do:

1. Open up the barrel of two pens and remove the springs.
2. Use pliers and pull apart the ends of the springs – enough so that you could wrap it around the neck of each side of the charger.
3. Keep twirling the spring around the charger neck and length till you come to the end of the spring.
4. Use the pliers again to close up the other end of the spring. That’s it!!!

Here’s the video that taught me how to do it.

Now go look for those ballpens you were about to throw out! Good luck!


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