All About Tita Jane



Meet Tita Jane, also known as Tita Techie, a Filipina (Pinay) who loves geeky stuff and considers herself a Digital ImmigrAUNT (pun intended).

A bit of trivia about this Tita…

  • First programming language learned was COBOL (no kidding!) and submitted her programs for encoding on punch cards (no kidding also!)
  • Was so excited over her first laptop which she bought in the U.S. and lugged back to the Philippines because it was one of Dell’s high-end laptops at that time — with a built-in fax software and disk storage of 20 MB (you did not read that wrong. MB!)
  • Gets sentimental remembering her early days working with MS-DOS and C-prompt commands, Wordstar, PageMaker, Lotus 1-2-3, and a bit of VisiCalc before Excel came into the picture.
  • Remembers the sounds of a dial-up modem and regrets throwing away her U.S. Robotics modem. Is happy though that she still has her IBM flowcharting template and Beeper 150 pager.
  • Thought she had had enough of IT consulting and computer audits when she turned to blogging in 2006 but realized that IT and geekiness will always be in her blood — reason why this blog was created.
  • Gets a lot more excited over a gadget rather than the latest fashionable women’s wear
  • Hopes to continue covering the IT world by maintaining this tech blog
  • Will write about anything tech that catches her fancy and which she thinks you’d love to read. And that includes her MacGyver-like discoveries under her How To’s category
  • Wants to tell other Titas that there is no age limit to geekiness. Once a Digital ImmigrAUNT, always a Digital ImmigrAUNT!

Tech isn’t all I write about. Here are my other blog sites:

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