Your Globe Prepaid Home WiFi can now be managed better from an app!

Internet users are so different when it comes to usage habits. Some are on the internet the whole day while others use it intermittently and only for certain purposes. Globe has taken the initiative to study its subscribers’ habits in order to tailor their products for a better fit. They recently came up with Globe Prepaid Home WiFi plans to suit any budget or data usage requirement. Better still, all these can now be managed very conveniently from an app on your smartphone!

Globe At Home Wifi unit


Prepaid anything is always great for the budget-conscious. We have seen how prepaid products have become so popular even with electricity consumption and prepaid load. Now, Globe is bringing prepaid WiFi to the home, allowing internet users to subscribe to a data promo only for the data capacity and period they need. No need to pay monthly fees for features one won’t use.

I was given a Globe Prepaid Home WiFi unit to test out. It is a very simple plug-and-use device which is connected to an account you create on your smartphone. With an app that they currently have (with a new one coming up soon), you can load, manage and track data usage, as well as enroll in different data plans available — all from your smartphone.

How does one get started?

First, get the Globe Prepaid Home WiFi unit. It retails at PhP 1,999 and is available in any Globe store or reseller outlet. You will need to set it up using the assigned Prepaid Home WiFi number at the back of the unit.

Second, download the Globe Home-Fi app from the App Store or Google Play Store. (Note: This will change to a new app by November 15, 2017) and open an account using the prepaid Globe Home WiFi number that comes with the unit. A one-time verification process will be needed.



Your initial use of Globe Prepaid Home WiFi comes with free 10GB data (I will update this info once I find out what is validity period of the free 10GB). Once activated, you can immediately enjoy surfing, watching videos, playing games, or just doing your work.

How to subscribe to a data plan?

Easy. Data plans can be subscribed to directly from the app. Depending on your desired data usage and validity period, you can choose from as low as PhP 65 to a month-long data plan costing PhP 599.

The cheapest data plan is an add-on plan that almost doubles your GoSURF 50‘s data capacity. GoSURF 50 by itself gives 1.3GB for 3 days but just add PhP 15 via HomeSURF 15 and you get an extra 1GB also for 3 days (same validity period as GoSURF 50). That’s roughly 2.3GB of data for PhP 65!

The other plans are HomeSURF 349 (10GB for 10 days) and HomeSURF599 (15GB for 30 days).

Your prepaid Globe load is used to subscribe to one of these data plans. Once you confirm the data plan you want from the app, your load will be deducted and you will get an SMS confirming your subscription to the plan (Note: Globe charges PhP 1 per SMS transaction).

I will be testing the Globe Prepaid Home WiFi unit at home together with the app during the long holidays ahead and I will update this post based on my experience. The Internet of Things is slowly but surely making life that much more convenient for all of us.


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