Facebook Messenger is now a virtual wallet you can use with PayMaya and GCash

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Financial inclusion just got better. It is easier now to pay bills and buy prepaid load if you’ve got Facebook Messenger. PLDT and Globe have entered into arrangements with Facebook Messenger to transform Messenger into your virtual wallet.

Demographics show that less than one-third of Filipinos currently have an account for financial transactions. There are still people without credit cards or bank accounts. But almost all have mobile phones and based on a social media watchdog, We Are Social, 46% of Filipinos use Facebook Messenger. Just think….by partnering with Messenger, more Filipinos have access to payment tools. PLDT and Globe did this via their PayMaya and GCash apps.

About 46% of Filipinos are on Facebook Messenger, according to We Are Social

If you have already been using GCash or PayMaya, you know that it is quite handy — cashless and safe. It is your virtual wallet. No need to carry so much cash around with your. Not even a credit card. All you need to do is keep your account topped up and you can use it for different types of payment — paying bills, buying mobile load, and much more. In fact, it eliminates the need to leave your home to go to a BayadCenter or money transfer outlet. You can pay bills or top up mobile load right from your Messenger app any time, anywhere!

GCash and Facebook Messenger


Photo source: PayMaya Facebook page

How to start making payments with Facebook Messenger and GCash:

Source: GCash Facebook page

This feature is currently available only on Android but I hear it’s coming soon on iOS.


How to start making payments with Facebook Messenger and PayMaya:

Watch this video:

This feature is also just in Android devices but coming soon for iOS.

For more info on using PayMaya with Facebook Messenger, visit their blog.



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