Twitter gives you even more space for conversations

By now you already know that Twitter does not┬ácount photos, videos, GIFs, polls, and Quote Tweets as part of its 140 character limit. Well, they have released another update as of March 30, 2017 — your reply to a person or group also does not count as part of your 140-character tweet.

On its blog, Twitter explained the changes that they made to allow Twitter users to have more space for their conversations.

  • When you click on the Reply button, you can see who you are replying to ABOVE┬áthe space for your tweet, not within it

  • When you click the names highlighted in blue beside “Replying to…” above the space for your tweet, you get a dropdown menu of all the other people to whom the tweet will go. Remove the checkmarks from the boxes beside the names of those you want to EXCLUDE from your tweet.

  • It is now easier to read what you want to say to the addressees rather than be distracted by all their Twitter handles at the beginning of your tweet.

This update is currently rolling out on Twitter for iOS and Android. Check for updates and get this latest version so you can enjoy Twitter even more. Happy Tweeting!



Photo credits: Taken from Twitter’s blog

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