Globe kicks off a Pokemon GO partnership with The Pokemon Company and Niantic by holding the first Philippine Pokemon Fest! (updated)

(Updated 10/28/16 AFTER I got to personally experience the Pokemon Fest today, Oct. 28)

This is crazy!!! And it will get crazier! The Pokemon Company, Niantic and Globe have formed a Pokemon GO partnership (I call it Poke-ship for short!) to bring Filipinos a richer, more enjoyable mobile experience playing the game. These three companies are working together around Pokemon GO, the mobile game which caught Filipinos by storm when it launched locally. This will include activating Globe retail locations and charging stations as PokeStops and Gyms within the game and allowing players to catch, battle and train at any of Globe’s outlets nationwide. To launch this partnership, the first Philippine Pokemon Fest will happen is happening this Oct. 28-29, 2016 — just in time for Halloween!




The 2-day Pokemon Fest will bring is bringing Pokemon to life through appearances, screenings, and many other activities. There will be are walks and tours, costume contests, and Pokemon GO battles all throughout the weekend. This is a FREE event open to all Pokemon GO game enthusiasts and players.

Here’s a sneak peek of today’s event which I got to experience together with other bloggers. There are different Pokemon games for those who visit the Pokemon Fest this weekend (tip: get a passport card, play ALL the Pokemon games, have your passport stamped after completing each game, and you get to pick prizes once your passport card is complete.)


Bonifacio High Street venue
Bonifacio High Street venue of Pokemon Fest


Pokemon Go team
Pokemon team area. Get your Pokemon passport here.


Catch a Pokemon
Throw sticky balls and catch 3 Pokemon to get a passport stamp


Swim in balls
Find 3 same Pokemon cards in this pool of balls and you get a stamp.


Pokeball shoot
Pokeball shoot – 3 balls into the hoop earn you a stamp


Pokemon fashion jewelry
Pokemon fashion jewelry for sale


Pokemon figures
Pokemon figures for sale


Coloring area
A coloring area keeps young kids occupied and quiet


A highlight of today’s event with bloggers and social media people was the appearance of VIPs from both Niantic Labs and The Pokemon Company. John Hanke, CEO and Founder of Niantic Labs, gamely answered questions from the audience and even showed us his Pokemon Go Plus (they will look into the possibility of bringing it to the Philippines!).

John Hanke of Niantic Labs
John Hanke, CEO and Founder of Niantic Labs


Globe_Niantic_The Pokemon Company
Globe, Niantic Labs, and The Pokemon Company


Globe announced that it will be working with its partners (Ayala Malls, Puregold, Robinsons Malls and SM Supermalls). Players will be able to see more of these markers on their Pokemon GO apps for more chances of catching Pokemon to expand their Pokedex.

Globe said it will also ensure its customers have better accessibility to the Pokemon GO app through different mobile offers. Globe Prepaid subscribers  can use the popular GoSURF50 mobile promo to access Pokemon GO as one of the free apps within the bundle. Globe customers can also download the free Pokemon GO promo on the Globe Switch app. This partnership entered into by Globe includes distribution rights to Pokemon merchandise, including digital connectors, gadgets and a selection of apparel that comes at just the right time for the approaching holiday season.

Are you still playing Pokemon GO? Yes, the game peaked and dropped as many players globally stopped playing the game. I also did when I changed device to an iPad Mini and discovered it had no GPS function. Waaah!

But no worries! With an Android device recently returned to me by my son, I have Pokemon GO working properly again! I’m cracking my knuckles once more as I’m back in the game! I just hope that Niantic comes up with more innovations to the game to get back the people who dropped off. Maybe that wish list can be part of another post…

Warm up your Pokemon GO game, level up your Pokemon characters’ powers, and prepare to hunt and do battle this weekend, Oct. 28-29. Earlier, the entire place was one Lure Party. I caught about 3 new Pokemon during the event. It may just be that way for the entire Pokemon Fest.  I have a suspicion This Pokemon Fest indeed will only be the first of many more Pokemon GO-related activities that Globe will be cooking up.

Receive updates on the Pokemon Fest by following Globe’s official Facebook page  or @enjoyGlobe on Twitter and Instagram. Also check out the Pokemon Fest Facebook event page.


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