We’re on Spotify Premium for Family!

I bet Spotify has regained premium subscribers with this clever strategy – bring the family in with Spotify Premium Family for a very reasonable fee!


For those who are not yet on Spotify, it is a music, podcast, and video streaming service out of Sweden. One need not buy a song at all but just add it to a user-created playlist and stream it on demand. Spotify’s choices of songs are vast and cover practically all genres. I have jazz, meditation, yoga, classics, Christmas, and musical playlists in it. Of course, in exchange for the free version, playlists are interrupted by music ads every now and then. If you don’t mind that, the free version will do. If you want uninterrupted listening, get the Premium version.

I tried Spotify Premium when they dropped the monthly fee below PhP 100. After a few months, I became budget conscious (in local lingo, kuripot!) and shifted back to its free version. One son also tried premium then went back to free.

Here comes daughter to the rescue!


She is still on Spotify Premium and volunteers to pay the PhP 194 family fee per month. Now, we can register as many as 6 family members in Premium. The great thing about this? We still maintain our individual Spotify accounts AND playlists. No sharing! And only one person pays the bill. Genius!

Thank you, my dear girl! Your Mama is so happy now that my meditation music is not interrupted by jarring music ads.


Tita Jane

Tita forever, geek forever!!! Loves gadgets more than clothes... First introduced to IT via punched cards and COBOL programming... IT auditor for over 5 years... IT consultant covering the financial industry for over 7 years... Now, a blogger and social media practitioner...and still covering the IT world, among other interests. And proud that all my kids are geeky as well. ~ Tita Jane Uymatiao

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