Globe Switch: The hottest apps and online deals for Globe/TM Prepaid users at the flick of a switch

I always had this problem remembering text syntax in order to subscribe to a promo. So I was relieved when Globe came up with *143# and GoSakto for promo subscriptions. Still, it required me to follow what I felt was a long script (keying in responses to prompts till I finally got to subscribe to a promo). Finally, all that has just gotten a lot better with Globe’s new app that lets you choose and subscribe to a promo with the flick of a switch – Globe Switch.


Our lives are closely tied already to our smartphones. We wake up to alarms and reminders on our phones, spend the day on social media, watch videos, monitor how many steps we’ve taken or calories consumed, listen to music, and even fall asleep to ambient sounds — all through apps. But connecting often costs money if one cannot find a free wifi hotspot.

Globe Switch, Globe’s newest app, gives us a breather from having to pay our way each time we need to use an app. It is a gateway to over 3GB worth of apps that we often use. Purchases are conveniently charged to our prepaid load and some of the apps are even PERMANENTLY FREE!


What can you find inside the Globe Switch app? When you launch the app, you will find three tabs above: Offers, Usage, and Control.


Real-time offers (free and paid) that a Globe prepaid user can subscribe to are found in Globe Switch. All the hottest apps and best online deals available from Globe are here — your fave social media accounts, games, fitness apps, and more.

Currently some of the apps available to access on Globe Switch include Skype, Grab, Waze, Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush,, Smule, Spotify, Zalora, Lazada, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat, among others.

Some deals are FREE….



….while others are PAID but with different affordable options for your budget needs.




The Offers tab also shows your purchase history for easy reference.

Know what deals you already purchased in the past with Purchase History


No more guessing on data usage! The Usage feature of Globe Switch shows you how much mobile data and wifi each app is consuming on an hourly, daily and 12-day basis, alongside a data saving mode. Also, upon opening an app that consumes data, Globe Switch will automatically ask the customer how long they want to use the app and consume data.



We may not be aware of it but certain apps restart and run in the background. It makes the booting of an app faster but the flip side of that is that it consumes data. When we are on mobile data, that forms part of our data usage. With the Control feature, users are given a way to properly regulate which applications consume data charges. Certain apps can be turned on or off, preventing unexpected data consumption from some apps that are rarely used.


Special Launch Day Treat!

As a special launch treat, starting July 21 and for a limited time only, Globe is giving the first 500,000 Globe Switch users free 5 days access to the app of their choice! Users can avail of the “Special Launch Day Treat” option under the OFFERS tab to choose their free app.

Globe Switch is free and available for download on Google Play Store. Globe Switch is also available for TM subscribers.

Download Globe Switch now and get value for money on your online experience.


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