Smart Communications’ #FriendsShareData viral video proves emotions rule in advertising

This is indeed a lesson, whether in advertising, politics, media, or most anywhere. People will respond if you appeal to the emotions. And once again, this was proven by Smart Communication’s recent video that went viral just in time for Valentine’s Day. Super hugot, di ba?

The video, “How to Survive a Breakup” features a heartbroken boy stalking his ex-girlfriend and accidentally likes one of her photos. While trying to unlike it, he runs out of mobile data load (just his luck, huh?). His roommate, trying to sleep, sees him frantically trying to unlike the photo. Guess what happens next…

Watch this!

The video’s story is something most everyone can relate to because it is so true in many people’s lives. Moving on from a heartbreak is so hard to do. Smart was able to harness all these love emotions and incorporate it into their story while discreetly advertising one of their recent product features (you have to watch the video as I do not want to put a spoiler here, haha!).

Brands are seeing, more and more, that product campaigns no longer work if one just features a product. It must be tied to day-to-day life that their target market can relate to. People have to be able to see how the product can be useful FOR THEM PERSONALLY. And when that clicks in the heart, the rest follows.

Loved this video? Share this article with your friends who can relate to the scenario. Or just pass it on. Whether one has gone through a breakup or not, it will still evoke emotions. And of course, it ends happily.

How appropriate too that it is the day of hearts today so….

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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