Smart Padala Pick-Up Anywhere brings the Christmas spirit of giving to families

The remittance business is booming in the Philippines due to our countless Overseas Foreign Workers (OFWs) who send money home each year. With Christmas fast approaching, Smart is introducing its Smart Padala Pick-Up Anywhere that allows one to send money locally or from abroad to a loved one in the Philippines — regardless of the recipient’s mobile network.

If you are:
* an OFW or you have an OFW relative abroad,
* working in the Philippines but are always far from your loved ones
then read on…

What are the features of Smart Padala Pick-Up Anywhere?

* It cuts commuting and queuing time – Both the money sender and the beneficiary do not neet to commute long distances or queue for a long time at specific centers just to send or receive money. There are thousands of Smart Padala Centers nationwide to do their transactions.

* Money can be sent to beneficiaries regardless of mobile network – Yes…you need not be a Smart subscriber to receive money via Smart Padala Pick-Up Anywhere. As long as you have a mobile number in the Philippines, you can be a beneficiary of this remittance.

* You can send up to PhP 10,000 (or its equivalent in foreign currency) in ONE TRANSACTION. You can do multiple transactions if you plan to send more than PhP 10,000.

How do I send or receive money using Smart Padala Pick-Up Anywhere?

Here’s a comic strip that shows how one can send and receive money via Pick-Up Anywhere.

How do I send money if I am the OFW abroad?

Smart has partnered with several entities to facilitate your remittance. Your beneficiary can get the money you send via cash from a Smart Padala center or via Smart Money.

And there’s more! There is an ongoing holiday promo now that will  give you a chance to win up to PhP2-M in cash. This promo runs up to January 19, 2016. Lots of time to join!

Here are the mechanics.

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