The new designs of OtterBox are slim and sexy but still heavy on protection

One of the most trusted names in mobile device protection has just gone on an awesome weight loss program (kidding!). But seriously, the new lines of OtterBox have not just shed their bulky, clunky, heavy weight but they have also transformed into slim, sexy and vibrant colors and designs.

The beginnings of OtterBox

OtterBox began in 1998 as a line of dry boxes. They later evolved into a global brand that provided a trusted level of protection for smartphones and tablets.

A dry box – the first Otterbox released in 1998

When OtterBox came to the Philippines some time in 2011, I wrote about our first blogger event with them. Read that post here.

While their cases indeed gave the highest drop protection to mobile devices, they were clunky and heavy. They were also too masculine in color for my taste, coming mostly in black. The Commuter series though suited my husband very well. His phone had dropped out of his pant pocket a few times but survived because of his OtterBox case.

OtterBox has recognized that our devices are more than just tools for communication; they are practically an extension of our identities. The kind of phone or tablet we use, including our choice of case accessories, are part of our self-expression. Because of that, OtterBox evolved once again and now, their new lines come with feminine choices as well as customizable options.

The MySymmetry Series

MySymmetry cases are for the young, creative, fashionable individuals. It’s a clear, slim case with swappable inserts. Their initial offering features a card design collection from some of the hottest designers such as Wes Gordon, Fiona Howard, and Alon Livne.

The case comes with a transparent back. Choose to use it without an insert to showcase the logo of your phone. Or swap in a precision-cut insert that matches your mood or personality. The case may look more like other cases but this one still comes with the OtterBox dual-material, single-layer design that protects your phone from drops and accidental tumbles. Its raised, beveled edge even protects the touchscreen against display damage especially when paired with Alpha Glass screen protectors.

How the case and insert looks. This is the customized insert made specifically for the Bull Runner marathon.

And here’s more!!! If you really want a truly customized insert, you can make your own! It could be your blog logo/theme, your social media profile pic, a loved one’s photo. or just about any image. Just follow the steps on this site:

That’s how sleek and slim it is

Team Manila also partnered with OtterBox to bring a series of swappable, truly Pinoy, inserts just for MySymmetry cases for a limited time. Only 100 of these beautiful insert designs will be given free with a purchase of a MySymmetry case. In addition, a limited edition Team Manila shirt will be given along with the Team Manila swappable insert.

Team Manila swappable inserts feature ethnic patterns, the jeepney, and regional dialects

 The MySymmetry Series is available in several colors for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5/5s.

Symmetry Series Leather Edition

An elegant version of the MySymmetry series, handcrafted in genuine leather, is the Symmetry Series Leather Edition. Featuring the same protection features as MySymmetry, the leather edition spells luxury and is the case of choice for most professional individuals and executives. It comes in 4 shades for the iPhone 6.

The Symmetry leather edition in brown

Symmetry Series Folio

Those who own the Apple iPad Air 2 and all versions of the iPad mini will love the folio series of Symmetry. It sports a premium textile cover and a micro suede interior cover that protects the touchscreen from marks and scratches. It has a hard outer shell but inside the inner lining is soft to the touch. More than just a protective cover, it also doubles as a stand with several angle options. You can also rotate your device 360 degrees for portrait or landscape use.

Landscape orientation of the Symmetry Folio. It can be rotated to portrait orientation.

The ridged side allows the iPad to tilt in various angles

Closed view of Symmetry Folio

The Symmetry Folio series comes in classic black with faux leather folio or glacier with a fabric folio.

Strada Series

The Strada folio series is for mobile phones similar in size to those using MySymmetry cases but these are folio types – they close over the screen with a magnetic latch ensuring it is securely closed. Made of genuine leather, Strada cases look sleek but come with a tough shell that can withstand drops, bumps and tumbles.

Open view. Note vertical slot where business cards or cash can be inserted.

Closed view

Side view

The Strada cases come in black (“New Minimalism”) and burgundy (“Chic Revival”) and are available for the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6.

Even more promos for early Otterbox fans

Be one of the early OtterBox customers (the first 100 to buy their newest lines of cases) and you get even more freebies:

* A sturdy OtterBox clip-on lens if you buy a Strada series, or

* A lovely OtterBox card case if you buy a Symmetry Series folio or Symmetry Leather.

OtterBox is distributed locally by Tenkie Box Concepts, Inc., a distribution and retail company dedicated to finding the latest innovative and cutting edge gadget accessories for people on the go. Find Tenkie Box here:

Twitter: @tenkiebox

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