LG introduces its 105-inch curved TV

There’s nothing wrong with your eyes. That title does say 105 inches. And it’s the largest television to date – LG Electronics’ 105-inch Curved Super ULTRA HD TV.

Probably almost twice the breadth of my arms spread out on both sides, the curved TV proves pretty staggering in size. And wait until the images come on. Be prepared to be stunned. I was right in front of the TV when it was turned on and the vibrant colors and minute details were simply a theater experience one would thoroughly enjoy.

This model (105UC9) was first revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at Las Vegas early this year. It boasts over 11 million pixels – five times more than that in a Full HD TV- and gives a truly theater-like immersive viewing experience

Aside from its amazing picture quality, here are some of the other features of the LG 105″ Curved Super UHD TV:

* Design – The most obvious, of course, is its Curved Screen. The angle of the curve has been carefully calibrated so that it not only recreates a theater experience in the home but it also delivers the same aspect ratio (Cinemascope 21:9) as a motion picture. An Auditorium Stand elevates the screen to a comfortable viewing level. The Floor Speaker Stand ensures that the sound travels to all corners of a room. One more thing. It comes with 3D technology for extremely high picture resolution and 3D viewing experience.

* Sound – This is what caught my eye in the specs – HARMAN/KARDON. One of the best speakers, if I may say so, after having attended a previous Harman/Kardon event. You just can’t go wrong with Harman/Kardon and having this as the speaker brand in LG’s 105-inch curved TV, with a 7.2 channel, 150 watts speaker, means you’re going to get pure ultrasurround joy.

* Smart TV -The intuitive webOS platform of LG brings the internet into its 105-inch curved TV. It is quite easy and fast to switch between content and connect media stored on external devices. An animated BeanBird character makes the initial setup and connection of webOS more fun.

Learn more about LG’s 105-inch curved UHD TV at www.lg.com/ph


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