The Batingaw app is so useful in case of disasters and emergencies

At a recent #SafePH gathering of disaster response advocates including people from National Disaster and Risk Reduction Management (NDRRMC) and organizations from the private sector, one of the things taken up was a presentation on the Batingaw app, developed by NDRRMC in collaboration with and Smart Communications.

Batingaw is an indigenous term meaning “siren”. It is a mobile app developed with tech start-up Tudlo Innovation Solutions Inc.  and the OCD-NDRRMC which effectively transforms any smartphone into a safety tool during disasters and emergencies. The app contains Twitter feeds of relevant agencies, media orgs and private sector initiatives, contact info of disaster-related agencies,

Here are screenshots to give you an idea of what’s in it.

First thing is to create an account

Twitter feeds of different agencies here


Example of NDRRMC Twitter feed


Example of MMDA Twitter feed


Contact numbers of government agencies


The public can leave updates on weather in their area

A very useful feature of Batingaw are the different tools available that one can use in case you yourself are caught in an emergency. “Im Safe” lets you designate a mobile number as the default recipient of a text saying you are safe. When you click on “Im Safe” it will send a message and your location to the default mobile number.

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Your pre-assigned number appears in “Send to” and your location is automatically inserted in body text

And the other tools include a compass, flashlight, siren, strobe light and even an internet radio (although it only has 3 stations as of now).

Download the Batingaw app from the App Store and Google Play.


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